Toñifruit respects the environment by creating 100% Bio products

Committed to the planet

In Toñifruit we have a maxim: to create the best organic products being respectful with the environment and therefore, working with natural products avoiding herbicides that are not respectful and committed to the regulations for their use in organic farming.

Toñifruit evaluates the level of commitment by carrying out an internal audit with periodic verification protocols that make our products of the highest quality, detecting any type of external contamination beforehand.

Organic Horticultural Products

Toñifruit is respectful of the environment from the moment of creation of our food to the point of sale, demanding from our customers a commitment to emissions and the maximum guarantee of respect for the environment, thus obtaining a food life chain that accredits us that the product has been created, packaged and transported with the maximum guarantee and respect for the environment.

Guarantee of natural quality

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