Toñifruit organic products are a guarantee of quality and commitment

100% organic products

Toñifuit has been producing and marketing quality ORGANIC citrus fruits, pomegranate, stone fruit and grapes for four generations.

We have our own plantations of nearly 1,000 hectares with extra early varieties such as Lemon primofiori 95, Satsuma Iwasaki, Clementine Clemenruby, Orange Navel, Valencian Pomegranate and Smith Pomegranate. We also have late varieties such as Lemon Verna, Mandarine Nadorcott, Tango, Murcott, Orange Summer Navel Powell, Chislett, Mollar Pomegranate and Rubi Pomegranate.

Research (R+D+i) is important, carrying out dozens of tests each year to improve quality (e.g. biodynamic agriculture). We are committed to patented and innovative varieties such as the navel M7, which is earlier than the navelina, and the extra mollar pomegranate, which is deep red in colour, or seedless clementines and seedless extra early grapes.

The fruit is handled delicately in modern facilities, serving both large chains and small shops for twelve months.

We make any type of packaging such as bulk, boxed, net, girsac, flow pack and trays.

Guarantee of natural quality

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