We like to take care of you,

Toñifruit, we grow organic and sustainable products

From the origin, tradition, modernity and 100% organic quality.

Toñifuit has the illusion of creating the best organic products while maintaining the quality and sustainability of its productions as its main objective.

We respect the environment

We work with natural products avoiding herbicides and committed to the regulations for their use in organic farming.

Highest ecological quality

We developed a way to generate crops with the highest demands for the development of organic products.

We improve technologically

We carry out dozens of tests every year to improve the quality of our products using the latest technology.

In Toñifruit we work every day to guarantee you the highest quality

Our certificates are our guarantee and accreditation for both the production and transport processes. That is why Toñifruit products are synonymous with guarantee and quality.

Our Organic Products

Organic Lemon

Toñifruit produces top quality organic lemons 365 days a year.

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Organic Clementine Tangerine

From August to May the best organic tangerine/clementine.

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Organic Orange

The tastiest organic orange available all year round.

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Organic Pomegranate

We grow organic pomegranate varieties.

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Organic Grapefruit

The guarantee of a top quality organic grapefruit

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Organic Grapes

White and red. Organic and seedless

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Organic Paraguayan

Paraguayan ecological and sustainable cultivation

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Organic Nectarine

Organic quality in a premium nectarine

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Organic Broccoli

Organic broccoli grown in organic fields

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Organic Zucchini

Organic zucchini all year round

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Organic Lime

Organic lime available all year round

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Organic Cucumber

We have organic cucumber all year round

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Organic Potato

Quality organic potatoes

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Organic Watermelon

Tasty and healthy organic watermelons

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Toñifruit around the world

From the origin, tradition, modernity and 100% organic quality.

Toñifruit currently distributes to the five continents as our products are in the large world food chains.

Guarantee of natural quality

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