The main certifications, maximum quality and safety

BRC Global Standard Food Safety

Toñifruit has obtained the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, accrediting its compliance with legal food safety obligations, thus guaranteeing the highest level of consumer protection.

This audit leads Toñifruit to identify possible critical points in production processes, supply chain and be able to solve them before the product reaches the final consumer.

This certification accredits us:


Toñifruit has the Global GAP certification.

Global GAP guarantees good practices in agriculture by Toñifruit.

With this certificate, Toñifruit accredits a guarantee of maximum quality and food safety.

We create products in a sustainable way, respecting the health, safety and welfare of workers, the environment and the consideration of animal welfare issues.

With Global GAP you know that you are acquiring a product of maximum security, guarantee and quality.
All Toñifruit foods are certified by Bureau Veritas Global GAP.

Organic certification

Toñifruit is certified ECOLOGICAL.

This certificate accredits Toñifruit by indicating that all products are 100% organic and that they comply with the European standard for organic production.

In Toñifruit we pass regular audits that ensure that the requirements of the regulations are met.


Toñifruit is certified by IFS INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD.

This certification accredits Toñifruit’s compliance with the So Goods standard with regard to

That is why Toñifruit products are synonymous with guarantee and maximum quality.


GRASP is an extension of the GLOBAL GAP certificate that mainly supports the social practices of Toñifruit.

Even though it is a voluntary module, Toñifruit’s commitment has led us to the highest standards and that is why we have been certified at GRASP, addressing specific issues related to the health, safety and well-being of our workers.

Toñifruit’s commitment is just as important to our customers as it is to our employees.

In Toñifruit we strive to improve the quality of life of our employees and that is why we adhere to this certification that helps us in the processes of improving the working environment of our workers.

Guarantee of natural quality

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